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4+2 24" chest of drawers

Our 24" wide chest of drawers is made in Cornwall using traditional techniques and finished in a beautiful mellow wax.

It is available as a 3+2, 4+2 and a 5+2 or can be custom made to any size.

4+2 24" chest of drawers

    • Dovetailed drawers.

    • Aprox measurements

    • 3+2: 24"w (0.61m) x 28" h (0.71m) x 18.5" d (0.46 metre).

      4+2: 24"w (0.61m) x 34" h (0.86m) x 18.5" d (0.46 metre).

      5+2: 24" w (0.61m) x 40"h (1m) x 18.5" d (0.46 metre).

    • The back of the furniture is left unfinished to allow the wood to breathe.

  • If you love the look of this item but need it custom made to your own sizes or design, please call us on 0333 577 5155 or use our contact form for a free quote. Please click here to go to our contact form.

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