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The beds have landed

We're very pleased this week to welcome a new range of solid pine beds to the website and shop which can be painted or waxed (please note that the ones pictured do not have a finish on). They are available in 3', 4'6, 5' and 6' sizes and as you can see from the picture they are made using thick side rails and slats which means they will last.

We always recommend, even if you don't buy from us, that you ask about the thickness of the wood used in the side rails and slats before you buy. Time and time again customers come to us as the bed they have had for a few months has broken and instead of buying another cheap bed they spend a little bit more for something that will really last. The side rails or slats on budget beds are made from a thin pine or wood and break very easily.

Below is our favourites from the range and these can be viewed in the bed section of the website or in our shop (based in Cornwall). We also sell a great range of Kozeesleep mattresses to go with our beds which really give a great nights sleep. To view our bed range please click here.

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