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Welsh dressers

Welsh dressers are a great way to combine extra storage to a room as well as as adding a focal point.

We've found that over the years customers taste have change from asking for the dresser to be waxed to opting for a painted finish, which gives a traditional piece a lovely modern twist. We still do gets lots of orders for waxed dressers but there has definitely been a noticeable shift towards the contemporary painted look.

We make a lot of bespoke dressers as well as offering several standard options and as well as opting for different finishes, our customers love to customised their dressers. Whether this is altering the handles, choosing a different design or by changing the size.

A bespoke dresser is great as it will really work in the space you have as well as being designed to your tastes.

If you would like to discuss a bespoke dress with us please get in touch here or ring us on: 0333 577 5155

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