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Furniture buying guide

Once the decisions been made that new furniture is needed it is easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of choices on the market and end up buying something that isn't quite right.

We recommend that you look at the space you have and decide on what you would like it do - whilst this may sound a bit odd it helps if you can work out that you need extra storage or a few extra shelves as the pile of books in the corner is looking untidy.

Next it is a good idea to measure your space, do you want furniture that goes wall to wall or is it to fit in a certain space. This info arms you so that you don't buy the incorrect size.

We would recommend that you also consider whether it will fit into your room, upstairs and even through your front door. Lots of companies including us have a policy on custom made furniture that if it has been made to your specifications we can't except returns, making it very important to have taken this into consideration.

If you are worried about getting your item of furniture into the right place consider other option, we do offer a service where our solid furniture could be made flat packed and assembled by yourself on site.

Once all of this has been taken into consideration it's time to have some fun with the design. Are you looking for modern sleek lines or something a little more traditional? As we make the furniture ourselves we are happy to adapt furniture or custom make something for you.

Colour can also play an important role in a room, do you want something that will blend seamlessly into your room or are you looking for a statement piece, that looks bold and the eye is instantly drawn to? Handles and fixings can also add personality to a piece and lots of our customers are sourcing their own handles to add their own touch to a unit.

Still not sure? Our team are happy to go through any queries that you may have and the internet is a great place to research and get ideas.

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