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Not just a wardrobe

You can buy wardrobes from pretty much everywhere, the internet, local shops and even ebay, but do you always know what you are buying?

The pictures may be good and the price is great but when you get it, you have a moment of horror when you realise you are actually going to have put it together.

A moment of doubt forms when you see that the inside and back is actually plywood and you know your lovely new wardrobe will never withstand your brood of 3 kids armed with crayons.

So what is the answer? Can furniture ever withstand up to the permanent marker stage that happens around the age of 3 and can you really ever ditch a cordless screwdriver?

We are different, we manufacture our own range of pine wardrobes, that means alongside our lovely range of standard wardrobes, we also make bespoke wardrobes to order.

Our wardrobes will come fully made (I can already hear the sighs of relief) but if you are worried about it going up the stairs, we can make it into sections. If you are local to us we can even deliver and place in a room of your choice.

Our wardrobes are all handcrafted and come in a choice of a wax or painted finish - we would recommend wax if your little darling is still at the marker pen stage! It won't wipe off but you will be able to sand the wardrobe and re-wax making it look brand new, it also gives you time to hide the pens.

If you are interested in our range of wardrobes or would like a quote for a custom made one please get in touch on: 0333 577 5155 or click here to visit our online shop.

pine wardrobe made in Cornwall

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